Rebrand – answers to frequently asked questions

At Rize Credit Union, we understand that talking about your personal finances is personal. It can be a difficult subject to discuss, especially with a stranger. We get it.

That’s why our personal one-on-one counseling is completely confidential. We’ll sit with you to discuss your goals, challenges, and solutions, helping to transform your stress and anxiety into a hopeful plan for the future.

Use the form below to submit a request for a meeting. We’ll contact you directly to schedule a date, time and location to meet.

What you'll need and what to expect

  • Items to collect and bring to the meeting:

    • Your monthly income
    • Your monthly expenses
    • A list of debts, payments, and credit limits
    • Your credit report

  • Your personal money coach will reach out to you the day before to confirm your meeting

  • On the day of your appointment, please arrive on time with your information in-hand