Rebrand – answers to frequently asked questions

Rize Credit Union’s digital banking platform offers a comprehensive Bill Pay service that streamlines the process of managing and paying bills. Members can easily schedule one-time or recurring payments to various payees, ensuring that bills are paid on time without the need for writing checks or visiting multiple websites. The platform allows users to view their payment history, manage payee information, and receive notifications for upcoming due dates. This convenient and secure feature helps members stay on top of their finances by consolidating all their bill payments in one place, making financial management more efficient and stress-free.

  • Convenience

    Easily schedule and manage bill payments from one centralized platform.

  • Time-saving

    Eliminate the need for writing checks or visiting multiple websites by consolidating all bill payments in one place.

  • Flexibility

    Schedule one-time or recurring payments according to your preferences and payment schedule.

  • Payment tracking

    View your payment history and receive notifications for upcoming due dates, helping you stay organized and on top of your finances.

  • Security

    Utilize advanced security measures provided by Rize Credit Union to ensure the safety of your payment information and transactions.

  • Cost-saving

    Avoid late fees by ensuring timely payments and potentially save on postage costs associated with mailing checks.