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Home Equity Lines of Credit
Owner OccupiedNon-Owner Occupied
Interest-Only HELOC58.75% - 11.00%-
Traditional HELOC8.50% - 13.50%9.50% - 11.50%
Home Equity Loans
TermOwner OccupiedNon-Owner Occupied
≤ 10 years8.25% - 10.75%8.25% - 9.25%
15 years7.75% - 10.25%8.75% - 9.75%
20 years8.25% - 10.75%-

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change without notice, are based on creditworthiness, and may require a down payment.

Home equity lines and loan rates are based on a Prime Rate of 8.50% as of 7.26.23 plus a 0% – 5% margin and applicable LTV = rate, subject to creditworthiness. Floor rates range from 4% to 8%. There is no annual cap on Interest-Only HELOCs. The annual cap on Traditional HELOCs is 2%, and the lifetime cap is 6%, above the fully indexed rate at the time of origination. There is no cap on the minimum loan amount of $25,000. A sample payment based on a $25,000 loan for 10 years at 9.25% APR would be $320.18. Processing fees can range from $487 to $1,337 for California and $312 to $1,192 for Nevada, paid by the borrower. Home equity lines and loans are only available in California and Nevada. Additional fees may apply.

5Not available on non-owner occupied dwellings.