Rebrand – answers to frequently asked questions

ItemAmount & Description
ATM surchargeFree when using Rize Credit Union or CO-OP Network ATMs, otherwise $2
Bill Pay$5 expedited electronic payment, $20 for expedited check payment
Courtesy Pay3$26 - no fee if overdrawing account's available balance by $5 or less and paid by using Courtesy Pay, or if transaction is $5 or less and paid by using Courtesy Pay; no more than 3 per day per account
Deposit adjustment$5
DMV services$50 for title transfers, lease buyouts, private party and out-of-state sales
Home equity$20 line demand update, $40 line demand, $250 subordination
Legal action$75 for taxes levies, judgments, garnishments or subpoenas
Legal copies20¢ per page
Loan document copy$10
Loan modification$50
Notary$10 in California, then $2.50 each additional signature; $5 in Nevada, then $250 each additional signature
PaymentsFree through Digital Banking, $6.50 for recurring ACH or debit through website, $10 through website, $12.50 for representative assistance
Research$30 per hour
Returned deposited itemFree - $25 if deposited or cashed check on account with same ownership or on loan payment
Returned/non-sufficient funds$26 per item each time presented and/or if paid and not covered by Courtesy Pay
Skip payment$30 - limit 2 per rolling year or 12-month period
Stop payment$15 on checks, bills & ACH, $25 on official checks
Statement copies$3 per statement
StatementsFree with eStatements, $5 per paper statement; waived on new accounts for 3 full months after date account is opened
Verification of deposit or mortgage$15
Wire transfers$25 for domestic, $40 for international

3Including checks, automated debits (ACH), debit card transactions, bill payments and point-of-sale transactions.