becky elias

Senior Account Administrator
Irwindale Corporate Office
Team Member since 2007

Describe the work you do at the Credit Union.

I work in the Account Services department, assisting with the operational side of the member experience, including the processing of wire transactions, levies and new accounts. I also support our Member Care Center and the branches. In previous years, I’ve always worked face-to-face with members. Just last year, I decided to make a change and took the opportunity to work in the back-office area. I love what I do and learn something new every day.

What was your first job?

My first job was in the Sears women’s department at the Los Cerritos Center mall.

How did you come to be an SCE Credit Union team member?

One of my co-workers at Sears brought me with her to Wells Fargo. There, I met George Silva, the Branch Manager of our Irwindale branch. He was the one who initially brought me to SCE Credit Union. I started here as a Financial Services Consultant in the Irwindale branch.

How do you spend your free time?

I love spending time with my husband and three kids, ages 23, 20 and 17. We enjoy going on hikes, and even though our kids are getting older, they still love spending time with us, too.

Do you speak any languages other than English?

I also speak Spanish.